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Future Fury: September 2004
Future Fury
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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The Gaffer Leads By Example

In an attempt to inspire his troops to Premiership safety, the Gaffer warms up for the big night with a half marathon at Sunday's Great North Run – getting round in 1 hour 49 minutes.

'It was a race of 2 halves. I'm over the moon with my time and, at the end of the day, running was the winner.'The Gaffer Leads By Example

In an attempt to inspire his troops to Premiership safety, the Gaffer warms up for the big night with a half marathon at Sunday's Great North Run – getting round in 1 hour 49 minutes.

'It was a race of 2 halves. I'm over the moon with my time and, at the end of the day, running was the winner.' Posted by Hello
Friday, September 24, 2004
Future Fury 1-2 Real Maersk
Future Fury 2-3 Athletico Rouse

With 'Bugsey' Malone off watching some men in dress’ slap each other, the Wiley Matt Dalton had to step up and take charge.

The Future boys arrived in confident spirits, knowing that two wins could see them fighting for the title next week. Equally, two loses could see them relegated next week. It truly was, all to play for.

The Fury started slowly and missed out on some early exchanges, but quickly found their feet with some quick interplays through the middle with Smithy and 9 Goal hero JT dominating the midfield.

Gav was looking solid at the back, with some touches of real class that made opposition defenders look slower than Evans when asked to formulate his latest excuse for not playing.

Cohen was making some bold moves forward and on one occasion, one misplaced pass led to a quick break away and the opening goal for the boys from the hood.

The Fury kept their heads up and battled on, remaining solid but creating few real chances.

I great effort from Dumville form a direct free kick saw the keeper squirming to his near post and won the Fury a corner and a chance to add further pressure on the opposition before the break.

The second half saw the introduction of manager Dalton, and some improved chances. Smithy was brought down many times and on one occasion a reluctant pass from Dalton to Cohen saw the Fury draw level with a pile driver from 15 yards.

'I had no other options and I knew Cohen would shoot if I passed to him, but there was nothing else on!'

Fury could not quite gel and were caught out at the back a few two many times after Cohen went for broke, and Tom 'The Cat' Denning could do nothing to keep the scores level as Real took all 3 points with a late winner.


Back to back games separate the men from the boys. Unfortunately we are little boys on this night!

With Smithy taking an early knock and quickly growing a third knee, the Fury were down to 6 men with no subs and some of the less fit players were suffering. Cohen for one was seen wheezing like an old man form the suburbs... ahem.

Rouse were clearly looking for revenge from the teams previous encounter and were quickly off the blocks taking an early lead. Real again looked solid but created little and simply could not find the final pass.

Some great saves by The Cat after some questionable positional play from Cohen brought the deficit to two but the Fury heads never dropped.

Cohen reduced the margin with a speculative free kick that squirmed into the net after a few deflections. However, Rouse responded quickly and regained their two-goal margin.

A quick break form Dumville and Cohen saw the big man release the young ginger down the left flank. The angle was not in his favour and set up Dave for a quick drive to the keeper’s right. A rebounded save gave Dave a second bite at the cherry and the normally composed Dumville in his own words 'Could not hit a barn door with a banjo!'

Dalton was dominating the midfield play, but got little from the ref. The stand in manager kept his cool and stayed on the pitch to bring the game to a tense finish with a late goal, but it was too little too late and the Fury boys walked away with a big fat zero.

Tom Denning was on fine form on debut, it was good to see Gav's calm influence at the back. Dalton, Smithy and Todd are always a threat from midfield and there are always goals up top in Dumville, but something was missing this week and next week will be massive!

What is for sure, mistakes are punished at this level and we all have to give 100% all the time and talk to each other more. Its only takes a few seconds to travel a few yards and on a small pitch, that makes it very easy to loose your position.

Talk more
Work harder
Have more subs



Evs could not make the game this week as he was out with his boyz! Largin' it! Posted by Hello
Friday, September 17, 2004

Week 8 - League Table Posted by Hello

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Week 7 League Table Posted by Hello
The Gaffer's Speaks!
Great effort last night lads. Particular respect due to Smudge who put the Fury ahead of Classic Rock.

I said I'd be happy with 2 points, so 3 was a good return. With a bigger squad and a break between games, I'm confident we can get 1 or even 3 points off of the Wharf Boys. We'll find out next week because we're playing them again, with a bigger squad and a break!

Next weeks games are:

7.40pm - Future Fury vs Yeovil Casuals
8.20pm - Future Fury vs Wharf Boys

If we get the right results next week we can go top. Massive night, massive games. Come on lads, it's all to play for. . .


Week 7 - Squad Photo Posted by Hello
Future Fury week 7

Future Fury 5 - 0 Athletico Rouse
Future Fury 1 - 2 Wharf Boys

'The Day Dumville stepped of the bench'

What a performance. Some likened it to Wrighty, others to some fat bloke down the park, but from the moment Big Dave stepped off a very wonky bench at half time, Athletico new they were in BIG trouble.

1-0 up at half time, the Future boys had been unlucky not to have more with some outstanding save buy the opposition keeper.

Toddy and Malone were dominating the midfield and the back 3 of Cohen, Marton and rooky keeper Dalton were keeping it tight.

An early blow form Smith had put them up, but surely the Smudgy should have had another after he passed when he should have shot in the first seconds of the game.

Not to matter, Future had something massive up their very big sleeve.

Within seconds Dumville had made it 2, ghosting though the middle and calmly placing it to the keepers right.

Dalts followed up with some great team goals, a brace for the young Dartford man, before the big man got a brace of his own.

5-0 and amongst shout of 'calm it down boys,' and 'take it easy for the next game' we continued to create and dominate the whole match.

The biggest win so far and opposition heads dropped quicker than a Evans bottom fart.


Against much tougher opposition, this was what we worked to hard to get promoted for. All players dream of matches like this. Stadiums packed to capacity, fans in a frenzy. Game on.

Wharf boys clearly showed what 4 seasons playing together does for a team and were quickly off the blocks, dominating early possession and hassling the future boys down. Cohen tried a bit too much to soon, but managed to foul his way out of trouble and escape any punishment!

Smith, Todd and Malone again showed some lovely touches in midfield and Marton was solid as a rock at the back.

Cohen and Smith almost lost it once or twice... or three times, but the game was always played in a fair and true spirit. We'll change that next time!

But special mention has to go to Man of the Match Matt Dalton who stepped his game up to '11' and really showed his intent with some fine passes and gritty tackling. Superb!

Todd coolly scrambled home after a great move from the team, (his 9th of the season) to give Future a surprise lead, but then they scored two and we lost, but we played great and battled hard and surely with more subs and a break in-between game we could have got a much deserved draw.

As it was another 3 points and 6 goals go onto the stat board and the Future boys can be delighted with their start in the premiership.

Such a shame it ended with some weasel on a chopper gobbing on my shirt. Youth of today! Jokes on him though as surely he will be wearing a replica jersey soon!

Quote of the day - Toddy to Dave after some 'northern' abuse

'Ill take my 9 goals away then shall I?'


Roll on next week! Good work fellas.


I asked for a Carling, this is what I got! Posted by Hello

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