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Friday, May 20, 2005
Facing newly promoted Comm. Direct, a depleted Fury side looked confident in the result if a little confused on the formation. Midfield hard-man Neil Smith lined up in defence in front of usual centre half Ginger nuts who took up his post in goal for the absent Denning.

Fury always looked strong and confident in the game, creating numerous chances, but only converting two, both from Man of the Match Man Dalton who took on the shooting boots of Hot Toddy of old. The man himself looked slightly off form with a few chances the glanced just wide. The Toddy hammer was unleashed on one occasion but it just was not the northern shooters day.

Heads were held and the fans were not happy, but as Ginger nuts said in the press conference later on,

“You can’t argue with 3 points.”

Comm. Direct will pose a threat in this league; they have some tricky players, just alack of discipline at the back.

Their goal came from a debateable foul from Smithy who had excelled in his more defensive role. Ginger Nuts, fearing for the ref’s safety at Smithy’s frustration went to console the hairy east ender, whilst Comm. Direct calmly placed the ball into the back of the unguarded net from the free kick.

Not deserved, earnt or pretty. But unlike the innumerate northerners, “they all count.”

3 points in the bag and the new season of to a solid start. HMM warmed up quietly on the sidelines as the Fury watched Comm. Direct play their second game against fellow new boys Athletico North Trust. Comm. Direct took the lead and celebrated in style, the scorer whipping of his shirt and running to the subs n the sidelines and was dually sin binned. The ref had set the tone.

HMM are always a solid outfit and they had the first team out for their season opener.

Cohen Started out on field, with Dalts fitting in at the back and Smithy taking a half in nets. This meant a lightweight Fury midfield were over-ran and outplayed for the first 5 minutes as HMM passed the ball around the midfield and created a number of good chances, one of which found a free man on the right side who calmly slotted home for the opener. Tracking back in 6-a-side is always key and Fury needed to learn their lesson quickly if they were to get back in this game.

Hicksy and Gammy combined well on the right and created a chance for HT who fired narrowly wide. Dalton moved up into midfield and The fury managed to get a grip on the game again and started to impose themselves on the HMM back line.

Second half, Cohen went back in nets and made a quick save low to his right but could not hold on to it. The ball trickled out of the D and HT and Marton were quick to the scene to stop the oncoming HMM forward taking the easy chance. The ball cannoned of the forward’s knee and into the area and Cohen grasped the ball with a sigh of relief but the ball was adjudged to be outside the area and the penalty was awarded.

Man on the scene Marton had this to say to support his keeper.

“It was well out, that Cohen is a right ol’ nob!”

The penalty was taken well and the fury were fighting back from 2-0 down.

Dalton fired a ferocious drive into the top corner to make it 2-1 with a minute to go, but the game was spoilt by Cohen’s antics in goal who was sin binned and effectively out of the rest of the game for shouting at the ref.

“Well played Dalts. That’s 1-1 now if you take away the f***ing bulls**t!”

2-1 and Fury’s first loss of the season.

Sorry for cocking it all up lads. I owe you all one.

Good debut from Hicksy as ringer, and another solid week from Smithy who was composed as anyone at the back, Marton who made some vital interceptions, Gammy who so nearly equalised and got hs first for the Fury and HT who battled well and hide showing a great maturity and level of responsibility.

Well played Dalts, Man of the match and now Fury top scorer with 5.

SPOTLIGHT ON THE DARLEKS – 2 losses this week and we found out their striker once got outscored by a bird in a mixed 5-a-side tournament! Ha ha!

Quote of the Day:

Jim to HT - "How did Darlo do in the play-offs mate?"
HT to Jim - "We did not make it in and you bloddy know it!"
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