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Future Fury: MATCH REPORT - WEEK 5
Future Fury
Friday, May 13, 2005
For saying it was the last game of the season the atmosphere was dry, in fact almost non-existent, with the Fury team even deciding to travel in separate tube coaches, maybe the hierarchal managerial structure was beginning to bow at the knees, or was it just the beer Gammy had at lunch making him sleepy!!

Whatever it was the Fury had no time to dwell on their past glories and the uncertain days ahead. Arriving early, the Future were thrown into an early tussle with HMM due to the late coming of Golden Oldies, surely a crime that would only generate 3 lost points for the Fury, maybe getting on with the referee' s does stand you in good stead.

The game was a fairly entertaining 0-0. Fairly entertaining to play in, but so entertaining to watch or read about, so thats all I will say on the matter.

At full time the Fury team left the field with a confused mixture of dejection and jubilation. Simply pleased for the point the 0-0 draw had generated the players started reflecting on the game gone past. Jim, the ever positive Manager was trying to pick out the good points claiming

"We played well, the passing was there and I think we could have beaten them!!"

To which Crusher Cowan, unusually quiet by his own omission, claimed to Jim

"What's the point in two of you marking the thrower?!?"

The team fell silent..... "

What's the point in two of you marking the thrower?!?" He repeated....."What's the point in two of you marking the thrower?!?"........." What's the point in two of you marking the thrower?!?"........... ."Why don't you just stay with your man?!?"

Crusher proclaimed to Jim, finally finding the right words to sink into the ginger skull of the Gaffer. Cowan then strode off with his northern partner, the Marton, to rue the games misses, with Cowan heard muttering words of disgust at the teams lack of chances before unleashing his pent up anger on a game of northern keepie uppie. On their return, they found their fellow Furyites still exchanging banter from the last game, until the closing statements of

"We could have beaten them" was matched by....."

But they had four one on one's and we didn't have one shot on target" soon silencing any optimists. The only good things to come out of this game were Tom the Cat Denning's superb man of the Match performance, stopping all that came at him, even though most were stopped with his arse, and the half-time oranges provided by Marton. "Mmmmmmmmm they were succulent and refreshing", the team bellowed in unison!! Next up, The Wharf Boys..........

3-0 down with 5 minutes to go, it had not of been the best of starts!

Defensive errors and poor positional sense had seen the normally water tight back line exposed on more than a few occasions, and Tom The Cat could do nothing more than look on is despair.

The game ended 3-1. A consolation from Cohen, who held the ball up well, turned his man and fired hard into the top corner, but this was little comfort for a team that had now only attained 1 point from 12.

Still, we are not down and no one got sent off this week.

Big up must go to the Darleks, everybody's second favorite Elms league team. Good luck in the Championship boys. We hope we are still here when you get promoted next season!
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