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Future Fury: Sore heads
Future Fury
Friday, May 27, 2005
Sore heads
Loughton and Wharf Boys. Bitter rivalries and scores to settle. Lucky The Fury had their first team out. Well, we did until Neil ‘Ooh my head’ Smith turned up to work with a hangover and pulled out quicker than Cowan on 18-30’s holidaymaker once she told him she wasn’t on the pill anymore.

Still, the Fury marched on and the remaining Furyites headed down to Island Gardens for the battle.

Marton and Hot Toddy, ‘working late’ travelled down later on, and were greeted by The Cat, Ginger Nuts Gamm n’ Eggs and Sid playing some nimble and majestic park football by the station. A place now of legends, not only as it has now been graced by some Fury members, but it was the birthplace of this joke.

“How do you get wood out of a Dog?”

“Make it bark.”


Onto Loughton. And after a ‘brief’ tactical run down from Tom on our new formation of 1-3-1 the Fury were ready.

After 10 seconds Marton, looking confused at the new system, asked Ginger Jim if we could change it round.

“Nah, give it a few minutes mate.”

“Ok… Gammy, push on, we are playing 2-3 again.”

Worth a shot.

The Fury looked solid, but lacked creativity and HT was strangely quiet and looked a little ‘jaded’ in the summer heat. Two very unfortunate deflections of Marton immense thigh and Sid’s leg put the Fury boys down by 2. A real shame as the midfield had been tracking back very well, Gamm n’ Eggs in particular showing some great fitness.

Ginger nuts then fed HT down the left flank who cut it back to Panini. The midfield pin up struck the ball first time and the ball spun into the bottom corner. 2-1 and game on.

Pushing on for the equaliser, Fury left themselves a little exposed and Loughton managed another before the and to leave the final score 3-1 and a disappointed Fury felt they deserved better, but knew they had to be a little more creative in midfield.

With no half time oranges, Fury had to spend the break actually watching some football. A little odd, and certainly very dull.

Wharf Boys always pose a threat but with a few men out and playing back to back, The Fury felt this may be there chance.

Some early attacks were easily snuffed out and Fury were looking pretty strong, especially Gamm n Eggs who put ion some fierce challenges and set some of the Wharf Boys off. Always good! Unfortunately again, passing was a problem and a few stray balls put the Fury defence under extra pressure, but some fine saves by Tom kept us in it.

HT and Dalts went close and Gamm n’ Eggs was looking strong in midfield. A snap shot by Wharf found the far corner and the Fury were a goal down, but certainly not down hearted, they knew they still had a chance.

They didn’t and we lost, but hey, we gave them a good fight.

Shocking news was to follow with HT’s confession of being absolutely wankered for the entire games after spending the entire afternoon down the boozer! Well at least he turned up aye Smithy!

Ginger Nuts then stood in some pampers in the street and lit his farts. You know, normal Thursday stuff.

Quote of the week.

GN to HT – “You know I genuinely did not know Darlo didn’t make the playoffs.”

HT to GN – “Like bugger you didn’t!”

MOM – Gamm n’ Eggs
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